Make Your Storefront Shine With Commercial Window Cleaning

Rely on us for commercial window cleaning service in Clarence, West Seneca & Amherst, NY,

Whether you've just wrapped up construction for your new building or you need to get your old storefront back in shape, S&K Prowash in Clarence, West Seneca & Amherst, NY is glad to be of service.

We can remove the dust and debris clinging to your windows after any kind of construction or remodeling project. You can count on us to clean every last spot. Call now to discuss your needs with a commercial window cleaning professional.

How our team can help

How our team can help

It's important that your building stays in the best shape possible. With our commercial services, you can:

  • Clean up your property after construction
  • Draw in customers with a beautiful storefront
  • Maintain a professional appearance for your business

Whether you need commercial window cleaning or commercial sidewalk cleaning, you can trust us for a job well-done. To schedule commercial sidewalk cleaning services, email us today.

Our Commercial Services Include:

  • Sidewalk cleaning

    • Gum removal
    • Oil statin removal
    • Rust stain removal

  • Playground cleaning
  • Playground sanitation
  • Interior/Exterior window cleaning
  • Shopping cart cleaning
  • Shopping cart sanitation
  • Commercial exterior building cleaning
  • Trash pad cleaning