Ice Dam Steaming Services

Got ice? Leaking roof? Significant snow and large icicles are a sure sign of an ice dam that could cause serious damage to your home.

What is an Ice Dam?

Ice dams are large icicles that form on the edge of the roof and gutters then trapping the water on the roof. This is dangerous because it can lead to interior leaks. Unfortunately, these can develop easily throughout the winter if there is enough snow and below freezing temperatures. It is important to you and your family's safety that you are aware of any potential ice dams on your roof.

How we can help you

S&K Prowash is here to keep you safe in the event an ice dam forms on your rood. If you already have a roof leak caused by an ice dam that we can stop the leak by steaming it clear before it gets worse within minutes (not hours or days) of locating the problem area. We use the safest procedure in the form of steaming. This is also the most effective method when trying to prevent or stop leaks, while not harming your roof as a power tool might.

We use safe steaming techniques to clear the ice fast and efficient right down to bare shingles and clear gutters. Steaming won't damage shingles like other tools will, and we can even STOP most leaks within 20min of arriving on site. We will never use a chisel, hammer, axe, or any other tool that could potentially damage your roof. There are many ways that an ice dam can be handled however, some methods only clear small areas or channels, others can cause severe damage, others simply don't work, ONLY STEAM is the safest and most effective way to remove the ice completely.

Our Process

First, we protect the property from falling debris. We will then shovel the snow from the rooftop in the problem areas down to the ice cover. Once we have located the largest problem area, we will melt a channel for standing water to drain away. This will start to relieve pressure almost immediately from the roof. From there we safely melt and "cut" manageable size blocks of ice to remove from the rooftop. Then we will clear the ice from gutters to allow proper drainage moving forward. This means we will clear ice from the gutter and rooftop and 12 inches past the uppermost drain.

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